Kito de Boer

“My upbringing and my sense of ‘self’ for the first half of my life was that of a rationalist: I am a Dutch and a graduate of Management Sciences with a 30 year career as a management consultant. Gita came into my life through others. It was a ‘why not’ moment. Why not spend a weekend on a course? It sounds trite to say that a single weekend transformed my life. It was a watershed.

Gita and her colleagues showed me a new way of perceiving the universe and our role in it. It shifted me from being ‘unconsciously unskilled’ to being ‘consciously unskilled’ in terms of appreciating dimensions of reality to which I had been blind. I became more self- aware. I started to connect with my inner spiritual dimension which is something I had actively rejected all my life.

This single weekend was the start of many days and weeks of engagement at a personal and institutional level. What Gita has to offer is a rare gift and I wanted to share it with my colleagues in the Dubai office. Gita and her team have an uncanny ability to unlock parts of an individual’s ‘inner space’ and connect it to an expanded ‘universe’ of potential. For those of us having experienced the journey, it is a precious gift.

Thanks to Gita and her team, I now understand that logic, facts and rationality does not (have to) define my existence. I have come to terms with the fact that denying the inner spiritual dimension of existence simply makes me poorer. What Gita and her training has done is to insert a ‘splinter’ into my mind. Her training makes me stop and think – well not ‘think’ so much as pause and pause a bit longer and allow myself to feel- and listen to and embrace more input. I am more comfortable with ‘knowing’ rather than ‘thinking’.

She is a bright light. No one has challenged my sense of self and my understanding of the universe as much as her.”

Kito de Boer